How does GFL Delta do community engagement?

GFL Delta strives to be an active, valued and respected member of the communities they operate in. One of the ways we’re doing that within the Delta area is by forming the Public Advisory Committee. By regularly meeting with community members, we hear their ideas, perspectives and opinions firsthand. We also work to establish community […]

How are members of the Public Advisory Committee selected?

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) members are selected through a competitive and advertised process with three-year terms. Appointment terms will be offset to permit continuity in PAC consultation and deliberations. At least two members of the inaugural PAC will be re-appointed for two two-year appointments. New appointments will be made for three-year terms. PAC Members will […]

What is GFL Delta doing to ensure they hear from diverse perspectives and opinions?

We know our region is diverse, and we want the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) to represent that. That’s why our membership includes a variety of unique perspectives, including across age, gender, ethnicity and expertise. For example, we have committed to including the following voices: At least one PAC member, 25 or younger, to ensure we […]