Meet the Delta Team

Daryl Goodwin

District Manager

As GFL Delta Composting’s District Manager, Daryl Goodwin is responsible for the complete site operations.

A resident of Delta for over 30 years, Daryl is an active community member and has been involved with many community organizations and initiatives including the Boundary Bay Airshow, sponsorship to South Delta Secondary School football team and many other local school fundraisers and silent auctions.

I’m passionate about the green economy, and how GFL Delta Composting allows for sustainable farming practices by turning organic waste back into high quality compost for local landscapers and farmers. I also really enjoy working and mentoring the younger workforce and providing opportunities for growth that will help build work experience to excel in life.
Daryl Goodwin
GFL Delta Composting District Manager

Manny Mahi

Operations Manager (Commercial, Logistics, Turf and Soil)

Manny is responsible for quality control of both the facility’s finished products as well as operational processes, and sales and has worked at the GFL Delta Composting facility for nearly 20 years and has lived in the Lower Mainland / Delta since 1981.

Treat the customer as if you are the customer.
Manny Mahi
GFL Delta Composting Operations Manager (Commercial, Logistics, Turf and Soil)

Darrin Heisler

Operations Manager (Compost Operations)

Darrin is responsible for the facility’s building infrastructure and brings with him his Compost Facility Operator Certification that is recognized by the Compost Council of Canada. As Past President of the Association of Technicians and Technologists of BC, he continues his involvement with the association that allows him to bring relevant knowledge to GFL Delta Composting. Outside of work, he enjoys teaching youth about the natural environment and has been a Delta resident for 34 years.

The compost and soil generated at GFL Delta Composting is not only a product for our customers and community, but it is one that I’m proud to use on my own yard and share with my neighbours. It has helped produce vibrant, high yield flower and vegetable gardens at my house and in my neighbourhood. Beyond this, I’m a proud team member of the GFL Delta Composting facility and appreciate the opportunities that have been provided to me to broaden my own work skills as well as guiding other team members to continue their pathway towards becoming mechanics or obtaining their millwright tickets.
Darrin Heisler
GFL Delta Composting Operations Manager (Compost Operations)

Jeff Styles

Environmental and Regulatory Manager

As GFL Delta Composting’s Environmental and Regulatory Manager, Jeff is responsible for ensuring site personnel understand regulatory compliance conditions and the monitoring of the site’s ability to maintain compliance and ensure regulatory reporting is completed as required

Jeff is passionate about experiencing and sharing the wonders of the outdoor world with his family and kids, whether it be in city park or the remote backcountry, via backpacking, canoeing, or mountain biking, and has lived in the Lower Mainland / Delta region since 2012.

Composting is a critical component to achieving a sustainable circular economy across the country and around the world. It is a privilege to be actively involved with such a technologically advanced facility in a community that is so conscious about its role in combating climate change for the betterment of future generations.
Jeff Styles
GFL Delta Composting Environmental and Regulatory Manager