Our Delta Facility

Our Delta operation is one of Canada’s largest organic processing facilities, handling up to 150,000 tonnes of lawn,garden and food organics annually. It is one of 15 organics processing facilities operated by GFL in North America. This facility services Lower Mainland BC and plays an important role in supporting Metro Vancouver’s sustainability initiative to keep food waste out of landfills.

The facility is co-located with GFL’s turf farm, which uses a large portion of the compost produced in the facility to grow turf that is commercially sold to local landscapers and golf courses. The finished compost is also mixed with sand to produce various soil amendment products for sale to local landscapers.

The facility has recently been upgraded to include an agitated, aerated channel system, and incorporate the best control technology for aeration, material conveyance, process control and air treatment through a fully enclosed biofilter.

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Quick Fact

What are the steps in the composting process?

Composting is the process of providing the right nutrient mix, pH, and moisture so that microbes can use oxygen and generate heat to turn organic waste into a stable soil-like or earthy product. Compost is useful for maintaining healthy soil for landscaping, gardening and agriculture.