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Quick Fact

Aren’t organics banned from disposal in landfill in the Lower Mainland region of BC?

Yes, materials that are banned or restricted from disposal by Metro Vancouver are described in the GFL Delta Composting facility permits as shown below. Our receiving area is designed to take acceptable materials including yard waste, clean wood waste, and food waste, while our team works to separate other materials on this list for transfer to other appropriate facilities.

Material Bans

Disposal of the following materials are banned or restricted. They are either recyclable or hazardous.

  • Yard Waste
  • Newspapers
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Office Paper
  • Gypsum Waste
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Electronic Waste
  • Paints Solvents and Flammable Liquids
  • Clean Wood Waste
  • Medications/ Pharmaceuticals
  • Blue Box Recyclable Material
  • Beverage Containers (all except milk)
  • Tires
  • Oil Filters and Empty Oil Containers
  • Pesticides, Solvents and other Household Hazardous Waste
  • Mattresses
  • Food Waste

All reasonable efforts shall be made to recover recyclable material from all materials received at the Facility, for the purpose of recycling.

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