What We Do

GFL Environmental is a diversified environmental services company offering services in solid waste management, liquid waste management and infrastructure development. With operations located across Canada and the United States, we are uniquely equipped to provide customers with an extensive range of innovative and integrated environmental services to local communities.

As we have grown, we have made significant investments in new technology and in innovating our management and operating processes. 

Quick Fact

What are the operational reporting requirements of the GFL Delta Composting facility?

As part of our regulatory operating approval, we are required to submit the following operating and environmental reports each year to Metro Vancouver.

Operating Reporting

  • Annual Operating Period Report
  • Quarterly Operating Period Quantities Report
  • Annual Materials and Products Report
  • Annual Biofilter Monitoring Report
  • Annual Maintenance and Capital Activities Report

Environmental Reporting

  • Biofilter Quarterly Emissions Testing Plans and Reports
  • Odour Management:
    • Odour and Air Quality Complaint Management Plan
    • Annual Odour and Air Quality Complaint Management Performance Review