At GFL Environmental, operating environmentally-sustainable facilities is integral to our corporate values, but more importantly, to the benefit of the communities we live and work in.

We work to protect the air, water, and land at all of our facilities across North America. The environmental services GFL provides require the unique needs at each facility and geographic location to be considered for each of our operations.

At GFL Delta Composting, air quality issues in the form of odour are the primary area of concern to our community. For this reason, our facility has a dedicated Odour Management Plan and Protocol as part of our operating approval with Metro Vancouver.

Please visit our FAQ page to learn more about our odour management practices and our reporting requirements.

Quick Fact

GFL Delta Composting facility 2021 upgrades.

Below is series of images of our GFL Delta Composting facility that shows the upgrades in different ways. A timeline summary is also available that shows our application process, regulatory decision(s) and upgrades made.