What are those piles?

Blending and Product Storage Area Compost product ready to be loaded on to customer trucks and trailers may be visible in this area. Overs Recovery Area Larger pieces of composted material may be visible in these areas where they are stored prior to recovery through the process.

Why do I always see people in GFL pickups driving around my neighbourhood?

In the interest of continuing to be a good member of the community, GFL personnel conduct daily (at a minimum) drive arounds through the community to help determine if there are any odours within the community that can be directly attributable to the GFL Delta Composting facility. Further, as soon as practical, and once wind […]

What are the steps in the composting process?

Composting is the process of providing the right nutrient mix, pH, and moisture so that microbes can use oxygen and generate heat to turn organic waste into a stable soil-like or earthy product. Compost is useful for maintaining healthy soil for landscaping, gardening and agriculture.

Aren’t organics banned from disposal in landfill in the Lower Mainland region of BC?

Yes, materials that are banned or restricted from disposal by Metro Vancouver are described in the GFL Delta Composting facility permits as shown below. Our receiving area is designed to take acceptable materials including yard waste, clean wood waste, and food waste, while our team works to separate other materials on this list for transfer […]

Can the community bring organics to GFL Delta Composting?

Yes. We offer free-of-charge drop off of yard waste to Delta residents. We ask that residents use the curbside programs for other approved organics such as food waste in order to maintain separation between our light vehicle yard waste drop-off, and our receiving area that is setup for heavy trucks.

Does the GFL Delta Composting facility complete other monitoring?

Yes, other environmental monitoring activities our Delta Organics facility conducts include the following: Quarterly water samples from the on-site construction water pond are collected. The associated analytical results are included in our annual reports An annual report is provided to the City of Delta An annual report is provided to the BC MOE

What are the operational reporting requirements of the GFL Delta Composting facility?

As part of our regulatory operating approval, we are required to submit the following operating and environmental reports each year to Metro Vancouver. Operating Reporting Annual Operating Period Report Quarterly Operating Period Quantities Report Annual Materials and Products Report Annual Biofilter Monitoring Report Annual Maintenance and Capital Activities Report Environmental Reporting Biofilter Quarterly Emissions Testing […]

Who regulates areas of concern from industry development in the lower mainland BC region?

The GFL Delta Composting facility’s operating approval is issued by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (BC MoE). The facility also operates under a Solid Waste Licence and an Air Quality Management Permit issued by Metro Vancouver, currently under review. Further, the facility works to fulfill obligations outlined by the Provincial […]