GFL Delta Composting facility 2021 upgrades.

Below is series of images of our GFL Delta Composting facility that shows the upgrades in different ways. A timeline summary is also available that shows our application process, regulatory decision(s) and upgrades made.

What are those piles?

Blending and Product Storage Area Compost product ready to be loaded on to customer trucks and trailers may be visible in this area. Overs Recovery Area Larger pieces of composted material may be visible in these areas where they are stored prior to recovery through the process.

What makes the upgrades made to the GFL Delta Composting facility best-in-class?

Our GFL Delta Composting facility includes industry leading technology for material movement, aeration, and odour control.  This technology has a more compact footprint that allows the Main Process Building to be enclosed with a biofilter for to treat process odours. Agitated Bay support compact footprint, support agitators, and provide excellent aeration using BacTee Flooring system […]

Why did the GFL Delta Composting facility appeal Metro Vancouver’s Air Permit?

GFL has sought a permit that is clear, fair and allows us to focus our efforts and resources on effectively managing the GFL Delta Composting facility in an environmentally responsible manner today and in the future. We have also sought a longer-term operating license in line with the $50 million long-term investment made to our […]